Gun Refinishing - OEM Quality

Polishing and Bluing. The Original Equipment Manufacturers finish. Just like GunBlack did for Ithaca Gun from 1987 to 2004.

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Repair work and gunsmithing on site.

Custom restoration for antiques/collectibles.

Heirlooms reborn for gifting to grandchildren.

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Blast and Parkerizing. The Original Equipment Manufacturers finish. Just like GunBlack did for Ithaca Guns carried by LAPD and NYPD and Remington Guns carried by New York State Park Troopers.

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Specialty projects like the 75mm Pack Howitzer for VFW and American Legion display ordnance.

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How To Get Started

Obtain a quote

Tell us the make. Who is the manufacturer?

The Model and serial number of the gun

What do you want done? Reblue or Parkerize?

Is the gun in working order? do you need repairs?

Email us today at

Give us a call weekdays 7:30 to 4 pm EST at 607 532 9591


Service Levels.  Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Class 1 service $75

Bluing or Parkerizing gun parts. Does not include disassemble, steel prep or reassemble.

Class 2 Service $135

Includes polish or glass beading and Bluing or Parkerizing of disassembled gun parts. Does not include disassemble or reassemble.

Class 3 services $195

Includes complete disassembly, polishing or Bead Blast, Blue or Parkerize, cleaning and assembly.

Class 4 services... Quotation Required

Gun repair, Wood Refinishing


The Process

1 First you obtain a quote by emailing or calling us with information about your firearm and the services you are interested in.

2. Remove the stock and forearm of the gun

3. Box the gun for shipping in an un-marked package.

4. We receive your gun, photograph it and log it in to our system for processing based on your quote.

5. Your gun is disassembled, cleaned and prepped for processing.

6. We Blue or Parkerize your weapon to the original Manufacturers Specifications re-establishing the beauty of the steel.

7. Your gun is then reassembled and properly oiled.

8. Then we ship the gun back to you in a safe unmarked package.

Are you a gunsmith or dealer who wants to offer gun refinishing service? We offer discounted rates for customers who prepare their own gun parts for bluing. Call us today for a quote or schedule a tour of our facility.

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