About Us

GunBlack is a family owned and operated metal finisher specializing in Black Oxide Finishing and Manganese Phosphate Coating.

Headquartered in Interlaken, New York, GunBlack is centrally located between Albany, Binghamton, Syracuse and Rochester. Serving the Northeast United States, we also have satisfied customers in Ohio, Virginia and as far south as Kentucky.

We offer premium quality Black Oxide Finishing and Manganese Phosphate Coating (Parkerize) to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Full Service Gun Refinishing to gunsmiths and dealers around the United States. We provide the highest quality and service available in the metal finishing industry to the largest corporations and the average gun owner.


Founded in 1987 by the Kempf Family, Gunblack, Inc. immediately made its mark in the manufacturing world and gun industry. Serving some of the leading names in precision bearings and processing all of Ithaca Gun's firarms gave us the experience needed to offer quality and service  unmatched by our competitors. Starting with one production line offering both  Black Oxide and Manganese Phosphate we quickly grew to three functioning lines  providing both finishing processes in sizes up to 8 feet long and Black Oxide  up to 16 feet long. We average 15,000 pounds each day in finished product with  a turn around time better than one week for our OEM customers.

Why Choose GunBlack

For over twenty years GunBlack has established its reputation in the manufacturing and firearms industries for the highest quality finish and fastest customer service. Customer satisfaction is guarenteed.

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GunBlack has the facilities, the talent and the experience to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. No order is too big or too small.

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Industries Served

Rail Road

Precision Bearings and Liner Motion

Hand Tools and Pneumatic Tools

Stamping and Fabricating


Furniture Manufacturing

Machine Tool

Firearms Manufacturing

Ammunition Reloading


Gun Cleaning Systems

Gunsmith, Refinishing and Restoration

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